OT Cyber Range


The OT cyber range allows researchers and manufacturers across the country to perform cybersecurity research related to Operational Technology, Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing, as well as training and course development in areas of Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity for OT systems. The testbed houses programmable manufacturing equipment and mimics a factory floor.

The smart factory floor and the smart grid are appropriate platforms for the students learn about programming the OT stack, understand vulnerabilities at the interface of the IT and OT network systems, and best practices for defending the OT systems. The cyber range allows manufacturers and students to run cyber training exercises remotely.

OT Cyber Range provides:

  • A neutral trusted cyber-physical based testbed (OT Cyber Range) accessible to government, industry and academic partners to evaluate existing and future manufacturing technology for cybersecurity
  • Experiential and online content tailored for the industrial use case focused on practical applications of cybersecurity hygiene within manufacturing plants and supply chains
  • A formal mechanism for industry and government partners to share lessons learned and best practices to accelerate the creation and adoption of new cyber technologies